About us

Piñon Family Practice is an independently owned primary care provider. Our family practice doctors are singularly focused on providing our patients with the best care possible. We are not hospital owned, and we only care about serving the best interests of our patients, not pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Dr. Tamara S. Wilson founded this independent medical practice in 1998 because of the importance she places on developing close, long term relationships with her patients. Only an independent provider like Piñon Family Practice can provide its patients with the unbiased, personalized care that they deserve. As Dr. George Quick and Dr. Darcy Scheeler joined the team in the following years, our family practice reached new levels of service to our patients without compromising its original vision.

While our practice has grown, we have never lost sight of what matters most. As we say, "keeping you healthy is our primary focus." You and your family deserve an independent health care provider that places your needs above the demands of pharmaceutical and insurance companies. You can find honest, caring doctors in Littleton, Colorado by contacting Piñon Family Practice